Sweepstakes, Contests & Games

  1. Consultation through the entire promotion cycle –– design, execution and conclusion – by a dedicated
         account team.
  2. Provide concept evaluation to identify potential legal, administrative and cost issues during program
  3. Development of Official Rules to govern the promotion –– rules unique to your promotion.
  4. Provide mandatory disclaimer copy for point-of-sale, website, banners, print, packaging and media
  5. Review all supporting material (print, point-of-sale, web copy, radio and TV) to ensure consistency with
         the Official Rules.
  6. Registration and post-filing of sweepstakes and games in the U.S. and Canada, as required.
  7. Assistance with securing Games of Chance Surety Bonds.
  8. Winner determination: random selection of potential sweepstakes winners; receipt and verification of
         instant win claims; judging of contest entries by experts.
  9. Development of instant win game parameters to ensure winners are determined randomly and fairly.
  10. Security printing and secure seeding of instant win game pieces.
  11. In-depth review of Sponsor's manufacturing and distribution process to legally and securely execute
         in/on package programs.
  12. Expert guidance in the development and execution of mobile marketing and social networking
         promotions, including avoidance of the risks/hazards often associated with such efforts
         (e.g., content rights/ownership, third party aggregators issues/requirements, site security,
         privacy issues, COPPA, etc.).
  13. Affidavit clearances and liability releases from all potential major prize winners.
  14. Winner notification; prize development, procurement, coordination and fulfillment; and winners list
         fulfillment via mail, email and/or online.
  15. Tax reporting on prizes to the IRS and issuing 1099 forms to winners.